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Kitchens hood chimney were invented to be connected to a duct pipe to the outside, and this the type of installation we here at Elica recommend. However, in cases where this isn’t possible, there is no problem installing the filter version. Thanks to their extremely efficient filtering level, carbon filter are perfectly capable of eliminating any bad cooking smell. The important thing is to replace them regularly when necessary.

The idea level of airflow depends on the type of room, on the cook top and also on the cooking habits of the people who use the kitchen. Here is the some example; for people used to preparing to a quick meal, or something simple or vegetarian, in a small kitchen, with cooking that product fumes and vapour in small quantities, then the model to choose is one with an air flow up to 500 to 700 me/h. For a family of three/four people who cook a variety of dishes in a medium size of kitchen, the model to choose should have an air extraction capacity equal to 700/900 m3/h. For a large family, for those who lave cooking as an art, or a lot people are gathered in a specious kitchen to test food that takes long time to prepare, the hood capacity should be 900 and above.

Specific standard exist that set the minimum distance from the hood to the cook top. The distance depends on the kind of cook top:65 cm from the electric top 75 cm from the gas top. However, it’s always consulting the instruction manual that comes with the product since the manufacture may; following tests or safety verification, specify different height applications. Not all houses have the same height of ceiling: what Elica solution? All Elica hoods come with telescopic chimneys that are long enough to reach to required height.

Correct and accurate cleaning is very important if you want to keep your hood looking beautiful. You should clean your hood regularly, following a few simple guidelines. Use a soft cloth dampened detergent diluted in lukewarm water. An ordinary washing up liquid is fine. If the hood is made of stainless steel, it should be cleaned according to the line of steel brushing. In addition, when using specific product for steel, make sure it is liquid and not a cream or other type of abrasive substance. Above all, it must not contain chlorine. Always remember to try the hood well after cleaning.

There are three type of metal filters; Paper filters- these aren’t washable, and should be replace every two months; Acrylic filters- these can be washed twice, when necessary, and then should be replaced; aluminium filters- these are washable. The frequency of washing of aluminium filters naturally depends on how often the hood is used. On average, through, it’s a good idea to wash to once in the month. All you need to use is washing up liquid and lukewarm running water. The filter are small enough to be washed in the dishwasher, as long as you are careful than an aggressive detergent isn’t used.

Carbon/ charcoal filter used in filter hoods are not washable and have to be replaced regularly. The frequency of replacement depends on how often you see the hood. On average, it’s good idea to replace every 2-3 months. There are filters which can be “regenerated” several times before they have to be replaced. With a simple washing and drying operation every month, these long life filters can be restored in original condition. Long life filter can thus guarantee effective action for up to 03 years. Most Elica m0dels are equipped to use this innovative filtering system.

A kitchen hood chimney is fitted right above the cooking appliance. When switched “on” it sucks all the smoke, oil. Spices etc generated during cooking. All smokes, oils spices etc gets trapped into filters & odour/smoke is re-circulated into kitchen. In case of ducting mode they are thrown out of room through duct.

A trained skilled service engineer from the authorised service centre should be call to install the chimney.

No, but it is always advisable as the efficiency and suction capacity of the kitchen hood/chimney increase and there is no recurring cost of charcoal/carbon filters.

Typically, the charcoal filters last around 3-4 months; however, it may vary depending upon usage. The cost should be confirmed with the local authorised service centre.

It depends upon the individual model. Most of the model consume approx. 1 unit every 3-4 hrs. Of operation.

These are units of measurement relating to two of a hood's main features. M3/h indicates airflow: that is, the quantity of air a hood can extract in an hour. DB(A) indicates noise level: that is, the level of noise produced by a product during normal operational procedure. Both values are obtained by testing the product on the basis of standards recognised and adopted at an international level.

The ideal type of duct-out pipe is short, smooth, and without curves or change in size. Any sort of irregularity in the pipe can in fact lower the performance of the hood.The performance value expressed by Elica refers to hoods connected to a pipe with the structure:1 metre + 90° curve + 1 metre.

All Elica hoods come with telescopic chimneys that are long enough to reach to required height.

Many models produced by Elica are designed to be installed with external motors operated directly from the hood. Elica's external motor can be installed outside the building itself -at the end of the duct-out pipe- or in other locations, such as an attic: in the latter case, one pipe runs to the motor from the hood and another carries the fumes to the outside. In this way, Elica can offer high performance with a very low operational noise level.

One important function of a hood is to provide a good level of lighting for the cook top.This means that it is fundamental to clearly define the number, position and type of light source used. With this in mind, Elica has a variety of lighting solutions: incandescent, neon, low energy consumption, halogen and fibre optics.

End of Product Life Cycle Management:
Products reach the end of their Product Life Cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons may be due to market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes in the products or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer offerings. While this is an established part of the overall Product Life Cycle, Elica PB Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances Private Limited (Formerly known as - Elica PB India Private Limited) recognizes that end-of-life milestones often prompt companies to review the way in which such end-of-sale and end-of-life milestones impact the products in their operating environments. With that in mind, we have set out below end-of-life policy to help customers better manage the end of life for Elica products.

This End of Life Policy (the “Policy”) only applies to End of Life and End of Sale announcements made on or after October 31, 2016 for Elica PB Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances Private Limited (Formerly known as - Elica PB India Private Limited) products. This policy does not apply to accessories or consumables such as filters, grids etc. Unless defined herein, definitions of many of the terms used in this Policy are available on the attached page.

The general policy guidelines are:

  1. As a general rule, EPBIL will provide 3 month notice of the affected product's End-of-Sale Date and/or the last day when the affected product can be ordered.
  2. Access to technical assistance on products that are at End of Life will be available through Area Service Providers during normal business hours for a period of two (2) years from the End-of-Sale Date.
  3. Spares or replacement parts will be available for a period of two (2) years from the End-of- Sale Date.
  4. You will need to ensure that you have a current and fully paid Annual Maintenance contract or valid warranty with EPBIL. Please contact us on customercare@elica.in for charges payable during the end- of-life period so that we can support you right through the end-of-life transition period.
  5. Below are guidelines that should be followed to ensure that you receive effective support for the affected products within your environment:
    1. For Products that are not covered under an AMC or valid warranty, customers will avail spares covered under warranty on chargeable basis until last date of support.
    2. Service contracts that have not been renewed or have lapsed are not renewable.
    3. Renewal of your service contract will generally be available until the last year of support, but will not extend beyond the last date of support.
  6. After the End of support date customer can opt to upgrade product thru VBB program.
  7. Discontinued models are listed in the pdf file : DiscontinuedModels
  8. If the product reaches obsolescence it is customer’s responsibility to dispose the product as per local governing laws.

Following Policy to be followed at the time of design, production, line rejections and products received under VBB or if customer willing submits the Obsolete product to company.

  1. Reduce : Decreasing the generation of waste makes sense, and has proven highly effective for consumer goods.
    • Reduction in Packaging sizes: making the packing sizes compact ensures that lesser packaging material is required.
    • Suppliers to be asked to use re-useable packaging wherever possible for raw material, this will ensure reduction in packaging material waste.
    • Reduce usage of non-biodegradable packaging material.
  2. Reuse.  Shifting a culture from the disposable to the reusable has also worked well in general.In the case of durable goods, the issue of reuse proves a bit more complex. In fact, academics in the field use the terms refurbishment and remanufacturing to clarify the extent of work needed to make a used product serviceable again. Consumer electronics are often refurbished simply by having their software tested and upgraded. But the reuse of products such as Kitchenhoods, Hobs, Cooktops, ovens, MWO requires extensive remanufacturing labor, including such tasks as disassembly, cleaning, and parts replacement.
  • Electronics: PCB’s from Kitchenhoods can be re-used by refurbishing.
  • Rotors: if not damaged can be cleaned with soap water and re-used.
  • Glasses: Glasses can be cleaned and reused for service. Assembly line rejections can be send for scratch removal process and re-used in production.

 But reuse can also have drawbacks. From a broad environmental perspective it is better, for example, to recycle than to reuse energy-inefficient appliances. Value back benefit program should be well communicated to customer. Cash Incentives on purchase of new products is offered to customers. Product packaging (received under RCP ) can be reused to pack new products. RCP is well communicated to customer thru APP, Myelica, website & call centre.  Customers get one free service for returning packaging.

  1. Recycle. Recycling comes last in the hierarchy of waste management techniques for decreasing landfill disposals, but has generally had the greatest environmental impact to date. Elica products mainly constitute of Metal & plastic parts. All Metal parts can be recycled by sending to authorised collectors who further send for smelting. Plastic parts can be segregated from the product and can be sent for reprocessing into useful products. Batteries are used in auto ignition cooktops which need replacement every one year and customer is advised to dispose the same as per local government laws, this instruction has been mentioned in Manual to every customer.
  1. Rethinking

Sustainability for consumer durables demands deeper thinking than the simple “reduce, reuse, recycle” framework. And unlike consumables, where the responsibility for rethinking falls on consumers, for durables, the primary rethinking job belongs to business executives and environmental regulators.

A rethinking of the problem should start with an examination of the ecological impact and economics across the full product life cycle — from manufacture through use, reuse, recycling, and disposal.

The economic incentives for the various players like customers, service providers,and waste management companies are given to encourage thinking towards reducing environmental impact.

Value back benefit program is communicated to every customer at the time of installation. In VBB program customer can buy other Elica products and give back the old product and get discount on his new purchase. This encourages the customer to return back the old product to company or else these are simply discarded and merged invisibly into the municipal waste stream. 

Waste management companies are given transportation charges to collect the waste and are also paid collection charges. This ensures waste management companies are regularly collecting the waste.

 The first opportunity to encourage rethinking is in design, innovative design can reduce the energy consumption of the product, therefore reducing the cost to the consumer and increasing demand. In some cases, new technology can save up to 40% percent of the energy consumption in the usage phase. Halogen & Incandescent lamps being replaced with LED lamps, Motors being replaced with ETB motors with lesser wattage, Kitchenhoods with sensors, efficient burners with precise controls and optimum grid height to avoid heat dissipation.

The second opportunity is increasing the life of product by maintaining it. Cheap Annual maintenance contracts are made available to customers which can be purchased online.
For more details call us on toll free number 18002330007 or send mail to customercare@elica.in .

An Split Kitchenhood ,is when the motor is separate from the actual kitchenhood and is housed in a metal box which can be sited outside the house, for instance on an exterior wall or roof. Only selected Elica hoods have the option of an external motor. An external motor must be ducted out.


This will depend on the type of property; what sort of space is available; how far away the motor would be located. Your installer would be able to help you with this decision.

The contents of the Split Kitchenhood are as follows, • Internal unit : kitchenhood with all controls except motor. • External unit : Motor unit with Stainless Steel casing having 5 mtr mains cable. • Alluminium flexible ducting pipe max 12 feet length and 6 inch diameter.

Ducting Intallation cost will be charged. Masionary job is not covered under installation. Any additional brackets if required for installation will cost extra and will be available at extra cost.

For efficient performance max 12 feet duct length and max 2 bends are recommended. However there is no maximum or minimum length defined. The principles are the same for any ducted hood – the shortest pipe length with the fewest bends possible will be more efficient than very long pipe work with lots of bends

Maximum air flow capacity of any Kitchen hood represents the maximum air flow of the motor group assembly, running at an optimum level with a possible +/- variation of 10%.
For deriving the maximum air flow, the air velocity is measured at the outlet of motor group assembly at 4 to 5 different points using Anemometer and average of the readings obtained is used to get the maximum air flow capacity.

Yes External motor unit is powder coated like the AC split unit and can withstand weather conditional subject to proper installation . It should be noted that the mesh of the external init should face the ground to avoid water seepage in the Motor.

To choose the most suitable Kitchen hood below are important points to consider :
1. Suction :
Suction of the kitchenhood m3/hr = Volume of The kitchen x Number of air changes
So if the kitchen is 4 m in length , 4 m in Width & 4 m height
Volume of the kitchen : 4m ( L) x 4 m(W) x 4 m(H) = 64m3
Suction of the kitchenhood m3/hr = 64 x 10=640
So kitchenhood with 750 m3/hr suction will be ideal

2. Size :
Kitchen hood should always be equal or larger than the Cook top/Built in Hob, but never smaller. Distance between Cook top/Built in Hob from the kitchenhood : Ideally the Distance between the Cook top/Built in Hob from the kitchenhood should be 65 – 75 cms.
Note: In case of Induction Cooktop/Hob or Vetro Creamic Hobs the distance should be 60 – 70 cms.

3. Location of Kitchenhood :
here are various ways to install kitchenhoods. Accordingly the selection of the kitchenhood should be done.
Wall-mounted: the kitchen units are located against the wall with the cooktop adjacent to the wall (extractor to be wall-mounted)
Island: the main kitchen unit is located in the middle of the room with the cooktop away from the wall (hood to be ceiling-mounted)
Corner: the kitchen units extend along two walls and the cooktop is located in the corner between them (extractor hood to be installed between the two adjacent walls)
Built-in/Integrated: the cooktop is located beneath a wall-unit (extractor hood to be installed inside the wall unit). Also there are kitchenhoods which can be recessed in the external plasterboard wall surface and false ceiling.
Hanging : There is no duct out attached to the kitchenhood & smoked gets recycled with long life charcoal filters which are washable. These hoods have more astheistic appeal & ambient lighting.
Split: Split Chimneys are external motor technology. Since the motor is placed outside the house the noise level and maintenance is reduced. With Elica Split kitchen chimney your kitchen is free of unwanted noise and odors thus making it a perfect place to meet, entertain and dine with your loved ones. Go ahead, Turn on Silence with Elica’s Split chimneys.
Ventilation in the kitchen : There should be no window on the walls adjacent & behind the kitchenhood. In case there are any they should be closed while using the kitchenhood.
Facility for duct out : There should be a provision for the duct pipe to pass from the kitchenhood out of the kitchen which should not be farther then 10 Feet & should not require more than 3 bends. Duct out facility should be for 6 inch diameter pipe.
Style of the kitchenhoods: Wide range of kitchenhoods are available ranging from material, colour & performance.

MFC stands for multi flame control. This means you can control flame of the inside ring and outside ring of the burner with the same knob. These burners are made of brass . In simple words – possibility to use same burner for Hi flame and low / simmer cooking

MFC burners are designed keeping in mind indian cooking unlike the europan burners. Indian cooking is very peculiar where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect Tadka . To make a perfect Roti / phulka/ paratha requires the right temperature and right flame. Although Built in Hobs got a good revolution in Indian kitchen, but the European Burners used in Hobs cannot satisfy the need of Indian cooking.

Yes since the cooking is fast on MFC brass burners , certainly the Gas consumption is reduced.

Yes you must specify this to your dealer at the time of purchase as LPG and Natural gas requires different jets. Dealer can give you the model suited for LPG/ Natural Gas .

1. Switch off the gas supply ensure all knobs are in off position.
2. Ensure the burners and grids aren't hot.
3. Use oven gloves incase the burner and grids are hot to pick them up.
4. Soak the burner and grids in warm water and detergent for 15 min.
5. After 15 min wash the grids with scrubber and clean the burner with a cleaning brush so that the spilled food particles come off the burner holes.
6. Rinse the grids and burner thoroughly under the running water.
7. Dry the burners completely incase some water is seen in burner holes blow air to clear the burner holes.
8. Steel plate and glass under the burner can be wiped with damp cloth.
9. Incase any food particles are there in he burner cup blow air , do not pour water.
10. Place back the burners and grids back on the job glass burners as they were originally placed.Take care of the spark plugs as they may break if the burners aren't placed rightly.

For optimum performance 1. clean your hob after every usage.
2. do not leave spilled food for longer duration.
3. Do not wash your hob with water, instead wipe with damp cloth.
4. Contact our Toll free # 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666 for any further assistance or information on ACC (annual cleaning contract)

To Install any of Elica Products/Appliance you must call our customer care no 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666 , our customer care executive will give you nearest service centres details who can send company trained technician for installation. Technician can give you markings for Installation of kitchenhood so that you may plan your kitchen , incase any masonary work is required the same has to be done by your good self .
Incase of built in hobs /fryers/ barbeque technician can give the marking for cutting the Granite / kitchen platform to install the built in hob / fryer/ barbeque. Granite cutting should be done by your goodself and than call the technician again for installation.
For Built in Oven /Dishwasher/ Microwave Carcass for the kitchen cabinet should be provided as per the dimensions mentioned in our instruction manual or you may also take these details from this website by following this link https://elicaindia.com/why-elica/for-correct-installation.
Yes Installation will be done on chargeable basis .Product Prices do not cover Installation Charges and they will be charged extra , installation charges details are available with our customer care , pl. contact them on our customer care number 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666

For Optimum performance of any appliances Cleaning is Vital. Before Cleaning any Elica Appliance unplug the electrical connection. Do not pour water in any appliances. Kitchenhoods Metal filters should be washed regularly by removing them and washing them with detergent and warm water dry thoroughly before installing them back in the kitchenhood. Incase you are using Charcoal filters you must change them every 2-3 months depending on usage, however washing Metal Filters is must.Outer Body of Kitchenhood can be cleaned with any domestic cleaner like Mr. Muscle and damp clean cloth.
Built in Hobs should be cleaned with any domestic cleaner like Mr. Muscle and damp clean cloth. After any spillage of food the hob must be cleaned immediately.
Exterior / visible exterior of Built in Ovens / Built in Microwaves should be cleaned with any domestic cleaner like Mr. Muscle and damp clean cloth, however interior cavity should be cleaned only with damp cloth. After any spillage of food the interior of Built in Ovens / Built in Microwaves must be cleaned immediately.
Dishwashers filter accumulates the food particles hence should be cleaned under running water regularly.
Regular cleaning can be done by customer but for maintenance of Elica Appliances AMC /ACC (Annual Maintenance Contract /Annual Cleaning Contract )can be signed so that your appliance will give you optimum performance. To sign AMC/ACC pl follow the link http://elicaindia.com/help-desk/amc .

Quintuple Jet control is QJC . With QJC the flame is more blue and even.

No the gas consumption does not increase. Since there are 5 jets the gas spreading and mixing with oxygen is so even that the flame is blue & very evenly spread. Due to this efficiency is much higher and cooking is much faster compared to ordinary burners with single jet.

Natural gas flame should be Blue with possible hint of yellow as shown in fig A. In India we use LPG ( Propane + Butane ) The flame should be blue with yellow tip , fig B . In case there is a problem in the Built in Hob the flame may look like the one in fig C , pl. call Elica authorised service technician or customer care no 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666.


You must remember following things before choosing Built in hob,
Type : Built in or free standing , Electric , Gas (LPG) , Gas CNG
For built in Hob you have to cut the platform and fix the hob inside it. Please check your kitchen platform if it has a concrete slab and granite resting on it than the platform cannot be cut.
Freestanding cooktop or gas stove can be installed on top of the platform does not require any alteration.
Electric : Vetroceramic built in Hob or Induction cooktop fall in electric category.
Vetroceramic : Built in Hobs are operated on electricity and require 15 Amp power supply. This is very convenient in use and does not require any special type of cooking utensils.
Induction Cooktop: Induction Cooktops are free standing and can be used very easily. They have touch control and are more energy efficient. Cooking is very fast. Induction Cooktops require special cooking utensils with ferromagnetic base.
Gas LPG : Wide range of Gas built in hobs and Cooktops are available which can be used with LPG .
Gas CNG: All Elica’s built in hobs and Cooktops which are LPG suitable can be used with CNG , but the jets (injectors) should be changed to suitable jets ( injectors ) for CNG.

You must consider the material of burners, preferable brass is best. Grids or pan support should be cast iron or enamel coated. Powder coated grids or pan support should be avoided. Cast Iron is always long lasting and sturdy to use. Incase you are buying Glass hob or cooktop ensure that the glass is tempered and safety glass. Incase you are buying Stainless steel ensure the stainless Steel is of non rusting grade and preferably buy anti scratch stainless steel.

Size of hob or cooktop should be selected considering the size of your kitchen platform and the available work area. Also consider the size of utensils used for cooking. Elica offers you built in hobs in various sizes, 60 cm , 65 cm , 70 cm , 75 cm & 90 cms these sizes indicate the width of hob , depth usually is 50 cms. However you can also choose a low depth hob which will be only 410 mm deep.

All Elica built in hobs have a option of FFD ( Flame Failure Device) at an extra cost . FFD Flame failure device automatically switches the gas off if the flame gets blown out.

Hobs have become a style point in modern kitchens and are available in Glass & stainless steel and many other interesting designs. You can opt for wide versions & configurations of burners in Electric & Gas Built in Hobs. Elica has Multi Flame Control Brass Burner Hobs , QJC multi flame control Brass burners & European burners. Glass hobs are available in Black & white safety tempered glass. Stainless steel is available in satin finish and decor finish (anti scratch finish). Multi Flame control Brass burners are also available in anodised black finish. However latest trend is built in hobs is Multi flame control brass burner hobs with QJC .

Most easy and convenient way to maintain your cooking appliance is to,
1. Read instructions carefully before installing / using the built in hob/ cooktop.
2. Clean with non abrasive soap and water using a kitchen cleaning sponge or wipe.
3. Avoid spillages entering inside the burners or on the surface of built in hob, clean immediately incase there is any spillage.
4. Do not wash your built in cooking appliance / built in hob / vetroceramic / induction.
5. Incase the burner are removable than switch off the gas supply remove the burners wash them and dry before placing the burners on the built in hob/ cooktop.
6. You may contact Elica Customer Care for Annual Cleaning / maintenance contract.
7. Switch off the appliance after use.

All Elica Built in hobs & Cooktops are made of Tempered safety glasses which can withstand temperature up to and can withstand normal wear and tear during cooking process. At Elica every batch of Glasses is tested for safety of customers. However any safety Tempered glass can break if subjected to unusual impact created on edge of the glass. Although the glass breaks it will never break in sharp pieces, it will break in non sharp square fragments which will remain intact and will not disperse in the kitchen. Such breakages are very rare if the built in hob or cooktop is used properly.

It is very rare that the leakage can take place in built in hob / cooktop. Incase you smell gas in kitchen , pl. check if the knobs are in off position, Check if the gas pipe hose is not cut, check if the regulator is functioning properly . Incase still if you smell gas in kitchen call Elica authorised service centre or 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666. Pl. do not forget to open all windows and doors for ventilation and avoid switching on / off any electrical switches.

Red flame occurs if there is any food spillage in the burner. If the gas in the cylinder is getting over; you may see a red flame.

Elica's Multi Ring Swirl Burner is a medium size burner having multi flames unlike other medium size burners which have single flame. Swirl burner is made of brass hence is more long lasting than any other material. This burner is ideally suited to cook Dosa's, Chappati's , phulka's , tadka's .

Elica's Multi Ring Swirl Burner has multi ring flames which gives even heating to the pan. Since the multi ring swirl flame is evenly spread this burner is ideally suited for cooking Dosa’s, Chapattis ,Phulka’s, Roti’s , Tadka’s and any other Indian cuisine which requires even heating of the pan.Traditional Medium size burners have single flame which heat only the periphery of the pan due to which this burner is only used for boiling & remains the least used.

Elica's Multi Ring Swirl Burner can be replaced directly on Elica's MFC Built in hobs. While changing the MFC medium burner to Swirl burner ensure technician changes the Jets, Grids & burners at the same time. Incase you wish to change your MFC medium burners to Multi Ring Swirl Burners call customer care # 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666 or email us customercare@elica.in

Elica's Multi Ring Swirl Burner can be used directly with LPG but while using with CNG , jet needs to be changed. These jets are available with authorized service technician.

Elica's Multi Ring Swirl Burner is suitable only for built in Hobs . Customer should never modify the Built in Hob to be used as a free standing table top / cooktop as it may result in serious damages to the Hob resulting in accidents.

Yes there are several models of Built in Hobs with Elica's Multi Ring Swirl Burner. Please check the link http://www.elicaindia.com/product-showcase/32/shopbrowse .

You must never modify/ Alter Built in Hob to free standing table top / cooktop / gas stove as it may result in serious damages to the Hob resulting in accidents. Built in Hob is designed to be used as built in appliance and is not at all suited to be used as free standing table top / cooktop / gas stove. Incase you modify / alter Built in Hob warranty stands null and void. And Elica will not be responsible for any consequential damages resulting from such modifications/ alterations. Read warranty policy http://www.elicaindia.com/help-desk/warranty-policy .

First, before any operation, disconnects the appliance electrically; check if the battery needs replacement. Second, check if the burners are placed properly on the burner base. Examine the burner rings. Remove anything if stuck in the holes. Be careful not to scratch or damage the ring and cap. Clean all the burner parts, including burner bases Use a cleaning brush with plastic bristles or a firm tooth brush. When done, rinse the parts well with clean water. Dry all the parts thoroughly before re-assembling them.
Reset the spares part properly on duly positions, check the functioning of the burners, If the flame is uneven, be sure that the brass burner ring and burner cap are properly positioned, then check for any remaining dirt or grime on the burner parts or igniters. If erratic igniting is still continuing, make sure the igniters are completely dry. If the unit still exhibits problems after drying, call on our customer care no 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666 or your local Elica Authorized Service Centre.

To clean your cook top always use damp cloth to clean the surface, after the cook top gets cooled. When using damp cloth or sponge pads, please take care to use minimum pressure and go with the grain of the stainless steel. For stubborn stains, you may use oven cleaners making sure to follow the instructions on the product for use on stainless steel. In most cases this means protecting the burner heads when applying the product to the stained area, and allowing it to stand for the recommended time. When finished, please be certain to rinse well to remove any remaining residue.

The burner parts are not located correctly - Ensure the cook top or Hob has been assembled correctly and the burner cap is sitting flat.
The burner parts are blocked with water - Refer to the service person/installer.
The gas (if bottled is used) is emptying - Refill the gas bottle.
The gas pressure is not at the correct level - Refer to the service person/installer.

The burner parts are not located properly. Ensure the cook top has been Assembled correctly and
The burner cap is sitting flat.
The cook top goes out every time the knob is released, any suggestions?
Maybe you have a 'Flame Failure' safety feature that has been activated (where fitted). If so look for it in your manual...

For, Persistent stains use normal non abrasive detergents. Specific products are commonly available in the market (pl. Check the liquid should not have any harmful chemical as contains). Clean the work top with damp cloth or sponge; avoid using rough cloth, stainless steel pads or acids for cleaning.

Yes, there is no problem with lighting it manually in Hob, however to us auto Ignition in our cook top, we have battery operated system.

M-If you smell gas coming from your cook top or hob at any other time besides when you’re lighting it, there’s a problem. Call your local gas company and ask them to investigate the situation. If the problem is with the cook top or hob, have a professional appliance repair person fix the problem.

Make sure you have turned the knob to the light/On position first. Then turn the knob to the desired heat setting after you have a flame. If you have recently cleaned your cook top or hob, are you sure everything is dry? Moisture may prevent the electric ignition from working properly. If you hear clicking when the burner is supposed to be off, make sure the knob is turned all the way to off, and that the knob has popped out. Cook top or Hob burners are round and have small holes evenly placed around their perimeter. These holes allow gas to flow out and create a controlled flame when lit. Sometimes the gas orifices get plugged and the gas can’t get through to be ignited. The trick is to clean them without making the holes any bigger. You need to clean the burners thoroughly. Many people use a toothpick, old toothbrush, or a small pin to clear the holes, allowing the gas to flow freely. If, after cleaning the burners, they still don't light, you should call an Authorises Service person.

There is small orifices on the side of the burner that can get clogged from spills and ash build-up. These orifices are crucial to helping the pilot or spark igniters light the gas and keeping a clean burning flame going. You can clean the holes with a toothpick or other small tool, but be very careful not to make the holes any bigger than they were.

Your spark ignition range will send a spark to all the burners. This is normal for spark ignitions, and you don’t need to worry. Only the burner you turned on will get gas flow and ignite.

If your spark module is grounded somewhere in the range, it will not work properly. Check for broken insulation on the wiring. If this is the problem, many times you can hear the sparking in odd places in the range.

CNG jets are included on certain hobs where indicated. Otherwise in most cases they can be purchased separately from the manufacturer’s spares department.

Gas Appliances are easy to use and need not be dangerous. Periodic Cleaning and Annual Maintenance can ensure that all working components are operating at an optimum level, keeping you safe at all times.

In continuous use of product, if the knobs become difficult to turn, please contacts 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666 or your local Elica Authorized Service Centre for the lubrication of knobs or replacement of knobs.

For lower gas consumption and better yield, use saucepan with diameter suitable for the burners, avoiding the flame coming up round the side of saucepan. Use flat bottom pans.

To get Original spares parts of Company, please contact on our Toll free # 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666 or your local Elica Authorized Service Centre.

Elica cooking ranges are available in various sizes ranging from (555 mm -to-----900mm).

The Authorized Service Engineer of Elica will do the installation of the product, after the installation, Demonstration of the same will also be provided at the same time along with usage and maintenance tips.

Yes, the installation of Elica Built in Oven is Chargeable, Pl. Speak with the Authorized Service centre for detail charges.

Elica Cooking Range has one model MR631 Xn has an electric grill/oven. Rest all models have a gas operated oven/grill.

A gas operated Cooking Range is preferable as the operating cost is significantly Lower. However some customer prefers electrically operated Cooking Range Oven as it gives better temperature accuracy.

Elica Cooking ranges are available in various capacities ranging from 52 liters to 114 liters...

MElica Cooking Range model no. MR 640 XN & MR 90 XN has motorized rotisserie.

Our model no. MRN 631 XN has a fan inside the oven chamber. This allows uniform heating, even cooking and less preheating time.

In our model no. MR 402 XN, MR 640XN, & MR 90 XN has flame failure device, which helps in preventing gas leakage, the gas supply to the oven or grill is cut off in case the flame goes off. Our Cooking Range Model MR 631 XN has an electric hot plate.

Elica offers three types of burners in the Elica Cooking Range. a. Regular burnersb. Triple ring burner c. electric hot plate. Regular burners: the flame comes from the outer ring of the burner. These are available in 3 sizes- Small (1 kW), medium (1.75 kW), large (3 kW) Triple ring burner: The flame comes in three concentric Ring’s. This gives more uniform heating and a larger flame area suitable for larger vessels and for foods which have to be cooked directly over a flame.Available in two sizes, Triple Ring (3.5kW) & Mini Triple Ring (3 kW). Electric hot Plate: has a capacity of 1000 watts and is found in only MR631XN

It can be used with piped CNG by changing the nozzle, the nozzles will be Provided by the Authorized Service Centre.

Yes Elica Cooking Range Model MR631XN has 2 regular burners, 1 triple ring burner and 1 electric hot plate.

The Max consumption of oven/grill is 2000 watts. Electric hot plate is 1000 watts. Electrical consumption is 3 units per hour approx.

All parts of Elica built in oven can be cleaned with damp cloth, after the product gets Cooled. The chamber should ideally be cleaned only with a dry cloth.

Elica Cooking range model no. MR 640 XN has Dish Warmer. This is located below the oven chamber. Dishes kept in this chamber are kept warm only when the oven is in use.

Rotisserie speed is 4 r. p. m (revolution per minute), in model no. MR 90 XN & MR 640 XN has rotisserie function.

For sufficient circulation of air during grilling, the oven door has to be kept slightly open. In such cases the heat guard which is a rectangular sheet of metal has to be inserted below the control panel. This prevents the control panel from heating. Our model MR 640 XN & MR 90 XN has it.

Yes, all Cooking Range model has it.

The Warranty on all Elica Cooking Range is 1 year from the date of purchase, for AMC please Contact the nearest Authorized Service Centre.

All major Kitchen appliances Dealers are Elica dealers, hence Elica Brand product Are easily locatable, however you can also get the details by calling on 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666.

A built in oven is a conventional oven specially designed to be fitted into the Furniture. It has a special cooling arrangement so that your furniture does not heat up.

Elica built in ovens are available in HXWXD 580 mm X 560 mm X 560 mm.

To fix Elica Built in Oven, he cabinet in which the oven has to be fitted has to be Slotted according to the cutting dimensions. The markings for the slots will be done By Authorized service technician. A professional carpenter can easily make the same, Based on the cutting dimension provided.

The Authorized Service Engineer of Elica will do the installation of the product, after The cabinet prepared as per the cutting dimension provided, after the installation, Demonstration of the same will also be provided at the same time along with usage And maintenance tips.

Yes, the installation of Elica Built in Oven is Chargeable, Pl. Speak with the Authorized Service centre for detail charges.

All Elica built in ovens are electric.

Elica Built in oven are available in 60 liter’s capacity.

Our Elica built in oven model, EPB1 605 & EPB1 608 has grill with motorized Rotisserie.

The rotisserie rotates at approx 4 r. p. m. (revolution per minute)

All Elica Built in ovens are available with special features, such as, multiple heating Elements, which can be used in various combinations and all Elica built in oven Models have conventional fan for quicker and even heating. Models EPB1 605 & EPB1 608 have cooling fan also.

All Elica built in oven has got “A” Energy Certification rating.

All parts of Elica built in oven can be cleaned with damp cloth, after the product gets Cooled. The chamber should ideally be cleaned only with a dry cloth.

The Warranty on all built in oven is 1 year from the date of purchase, for AMC please Contact the nearest Authorized Service Centre.

All major Kitchen appliances Dealers are Elica dealers, hence Elica Brand product are Easily locatable, however you can also get the details by calling on our customer care no 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666.

Dishwarmer is designed to keep food Warm and not to warm up food. This dish warmer drawers is also used for defrosting.

Min 40- max 80 degree Celcius.

Only 25kg

You cannot use Plastic / plastic wrap as they will melt. Such cases are not covered under warranty.

No, as aluminum foil is good conductor of heat & may trap heat.

You cannot use Plastic / plastic wrap as they will melt. Such cases are not covered under warranty.

Food should be covered with lids (non plastic) while placing in warmer.

Yes. Metal is conductor of heat hence food in metal containers will be heated faster than heat resistant containers.

Yes , this is normal noise. The noise is caused due to fan which distributes heat evenly

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