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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Service Level Agreement (Non-Comprehensive)

Elica PB India Private Limited undertakes Annual Maintenance Contracts (w.e.f 17.03.16) and details are mentioned in the below mentioned chart.


Tenure / Visit Schedule

Service Offered

Cost INR


Kitchen Hood

 One year / Visit for cleaning three times a year after every Four months

Cleaning of metal grease, diffuser and outer body




Built in Hob

One year / Visit for cleaning three times a year after every Four months

Cleaning of housing, burners and outer Body.



Terms & Conditions.

1. All payments are to be made by cheque in advance or can buy online by clicking “Buy Now” along with the acceptance of the contract.
2. 1st Service will be redeemed after 4 days from pay encashment.
3. All above charges are inclusive of taxes.Taxes are applicable as per the prevailing laws of Government of India.

4. Spare parts are not changed under AMC contract.

5. One full servicing and two half servicing will be provided.

6. Products should be of Elica PB India Private Limited make and in working condition.

7.  Incase there is any breakdown and requires part change the same will be done at an extra cost.

8. This contract is non transferable.

9. The website www.elicaindia.com is owned by Elica PB India Private Limited.

10. We do not entertain refund and cancellation in any circumstances.

Scope of work
1. To efficiently maintain your product by regular cleaning.
2. Call will be generally addressed by service center between 10 am to 7 pm on working days.
3. Technician will dismantle the Product if required and clean the parts after which he will ensure perfect and safe functionality of the Product.
4. After completion of the servicing technician will educate the customer for preventive measures.

Mode of Operation
1. For any support & service call, customer should call to Elica Toll free # 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666 & register a service request as AMC call Customer can also SMS Elica <space> AMC to 9220092200.
2. Elica will generate a unique Case id & will inform the service center to attend the Call within 24 hrs.
3. Authorized service center technician will visit as per the terms of the contract to carry out preventive Cleaning of the product.
4. All equipments will be provided by the service center to the technician, however spare parts will be charged to the customer.

Basic Maintenance / Cleaning of the Product.




Kitchen Hood

Metal filter / Oil Collector

Once in 15 Days

Kitchen Hood


As and when Required

Kitchen Hood

Charcoal Filter

As and when Required

Built in hob/Cooktop


After each Cooking once

Built in hob/Cooktop

Burner / Accessories

Once in a Month

Built in hob/Cooktop

Burner Cup / Mixing tube

After Spillage

Escalation Matrix :



Contact Number

Service Request

Customer care Executive

Toll free # 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666

SMS ELICA <space> AMC to 9220092200



service@elica.inThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Customer's Responsibility
* Do not allow any unauthorized, untrained person to carry out repair ,maintenance & AMC.
* If any abnormality is noticed, Stop using the product till the tech visit.
* To keep the surrounding of the product clean & healthy conditions.
* To carry out cleaning as per mentioned in the above table.

Payment Terms
* AMC can be purchased online by clicking on the bottom at the End of the page “Buy Now”
* AMC can be purchased online by sending a cheque in favor of ELICA PB INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED , payable at Pune along with acceptance of this contract .On the back side of Cheque Customer should write his/her Name & Contact number.
* All above charges are inclusive of taxes. Taxes are applicable as per the prevailing laws of Government of India.

l All taxes & duties will be charged extra as per applicable at the time of Invoicing including service tax (Presently it is 15%)

Contract Period
* This contract is for the period of one year from encashment date of cheque or date of payment received online.

Termination Of Contract
* Contract is terminated automatically after the period of one year.

Renewal Of Contract
* To renew the AMC contract, please follow below link :
* Incase you renew the contract you will be entitled for one free service over and above three regular services (3+1).

Force Majeure
* The contract is not liable in whatsoever manner to the customer in the event of any delay in performance of its obligations under this agreement due to condition constituting force majeure which shall include but not limited to strike, lock outs, breakdown of communication etc.

* In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the parties hereto in connection with any matter under agreement every such dispute or any difference shall be referred to a single / two arbitrators with mutual consent of both the parties & proceedings of the arbitration shall be held in Pune in accordance with the Indian Arbitration ACT 1940; or any enactment for the time being made replacing introducing or modifying the same. Such arbitration proceedings shall take place in Pune.

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