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Why An Elica Kitchen hood?

Elica kitchen hoods are tailored to be in sync with your cooking needs. Elica understands the importance of having a completely noise and odour-free cooking experience. This is why, the range of kitchen hoods we offer, are designed using innovative technological solutions to lower the noise levels and purify the air that flows in the kitchen.

Here are the reasons as to why you should opt for Elica kitchen hood.

Added Silence
The extractor fan is on but you can’t hear it.

Elica Deep Silence

Elica Deep Silence

The hoods presented by Elica are the quietest that you will ever come across as they are equipped with Elica Deep Silence System. The technology integrated in them is dedicated to provide you with a peaceful cooking experience. Every hood is equipped with an extractor fan that is so silent that you won’t hear it working even when it runs at a low speed. More importantly, the system reduces the levels of noise without compromising on the quality of performance. Besides this, these hoods lessen the household noise pollution by 35% in comparison to the common extractor hoods available.

External Motor

External Motor

The hoods at Elica can be aptly fitted with a remote motor system that can be installed outside your kitchen or even outside your home. So comparing the same model with an internal motor, the external motor enhances the performance of the extractor by a good 35% while it lessens the noise levels by 20%.

Opting for Exclusivity

Elica Deep Silence


Elica has changed the way kitchen ventilation works by producing an array of hoods that have been developed around the Evolution system. This series of hoods comes with a compact stainless steel cylinder that combines the functions of extraction, odour and grease filtration, cooktop lighting along with kitchen lighting. Evolution hoods are designed with elegance using remarkable design-elements that will perfectly blend into any and every kind of kitchen décor. Plus, the hoods under this range are covered by an exclusive Elica patent.

External Motor

Unique Materials

All the kitchen appliances manufactured by Elica have an element of exclusivity when it comes to material and forms. Every material is chosen with the thought of making the product elegant. Besides, you will find that each extractor hood designed is completely unique: glass blown by Venetian craftsmen, surfaces in technopolymer, elegant polished steel, natural leather, metallic mesh and exposed filters in micro-perforated steel. Materials that strike a perfect chord with every kind of décor, clubbed with flawless performance and functionality is what Elica kitchen appliances ensure.

External Motor

Ambient Light

Lighting stands to be an integral factor when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Hence, the diverse range of hoods presented by Elica offer extractor hoods that light up your cooktop excellently. In addition to this, equipped with ambient light, these hoods provide diffused light for ambience lighting, thus giving you additional lighting for both extra utility and atmosphere.

High Performance & Low Environmental Impact

Elica Deep Silence


Synairgy is the world’s most efficient suction system for extractor hoods, it reduces carbon footprint by cutting electricity consumption by 50%. Elica’s extractor hoods combine perfect synergy system ensuring low power consumption and optimum suction capacity and minimum noise regardless of installation layout in the kitchen.

External Motor

LED Light

Elica’s kitchen hoods are equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting system. These lights are 90% energy saving and ensure optimum light to facilitate the preparation of food.

External Motor

Pure Function

Elica’s pure function is an intelligent operating mode that automatically ensures constant, continuous and silent air changeover even when you’re not cooking.

Elica Deep Silence


Elica’s intensitime function, especially extracts the intense fumes and vapours with maximum power.

External Motor

High Performance

Elica’s high suction capacity models are especially designed for large kitchens. These hoods perform exceptionally well during intensive cooking like boiling, frying and grilling.

External Motor

Perimeter Aspiration

Elica’s perimeter aspiration function draws air through a narrowed channel around a face plate, which increases suction, without increasing blower speed or energy consumption.

User Friendly Extractor Hood

Elica Deep Silence

Chef Control

Elica’s chef control function automatically adjusts itself setting the optimum suction. All you need to do is select the type of cooking from the display panel and chef control will do the rest.

External Motor

Magic Wand

Elica’s exclusive patent magic wand feature makes command and controls easy. All you need to do is touch the top of the wand to adjust the suction power and its bottom to adjust the lighting.

External Motor

Touch Control

For enhanced elegance and ease of cleaning, Elica’s touch control is a back-lit control system that starts the hood with the mere touch.

Elica Deep Silence

Digital Display

The digital display feature gives you an information about the operation of the extractor hood.

External Motor

Soft Light Control

The soft light control feature shows you the operating speed of the extractor hood.

External Motor

Head Saver

The head saver extractor hood allows you to move freely while preparing your food without worrying about the possibility of bumping your head.

Elica Deep Silence

Filter Change Indicator


External Motor

Back Aspiration

These extractor hoods have an air outlet both at the top and the bottom. During installation, you can configure the air outlet according to your requirements, simply by turning the internal motor unit.

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